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Rondellen vid länsväg 195

Take the time to experience Habo municipality. Here you will find everything from a lively centre to proximity to the forest, the environment and wonderful swimming opportunities in Sweden's second largest lake. And it doesn't take many minutes to reach Jönköping if you want to take advantage of the benefits of a larger town.

Habo municipality borders Lake Vättern's south western beaches for a distance of more than 30 miles. The municipality forms part of the Västergötland province, but has belonged to Jönköping county since 1998.

The municipality is undergoing a period of major expansion. Attractive building plots with lake views over Vättern mean that families are queueing to buy plots and build their dream home here.

In tourist circles, Habo municipality is best known for its unique wooden church, which was very nearly sold to the Skansen fair in Stockholm before far-sighted parishioners opposed the sale. Habo residents are today extremely grateful that they still have their unique wooden church.

In Habo, most things are on a small scale. It's easy to get close to nature, either by experiencing it alone in peace and quiet, or with other people. There are excellent opportunities here for unique experiences, particularly for those who are interested in culture, cycling, hiking, swimming, boating, fishing or berry and mushroom picking.

Tourist Information

You can find the Tourist Information at the library, 2 Jönköpingsvägen
Telephone: +46 36-442 81 11
Opening hours:
Mon - Thu 10-17, fre 10-16

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