Brandstorps hembygdsgård

The local folklore centre can be found in the village of Brandstorp, right next to the church, and comprises the museum, country shop, the ‘Egyptian tent’ and several old buildings. The association serves coffee with homemade cakes and pastries every afternoon in the summer.

Brandstorp local folklore centre is an extremely active association that has taken over a number of older buildings from the district, relocating them in an area adjacent to Brandstorp church. One of the things you can see here is the ‘Egyptian tent’, made of wood, which was used around the turn of the 19th/20th century by the von Essen sons in the family’s efforts to make men of them. They lived a wilderness life, sleeping in small booths on spruce twigs and fern leaves. The structure was exhibited at the Paris World’s Fair in 1878. Two museum buildings of more recent construction house a large collection of interesting artefacts from the district, many of which call to mind the lively tradition of shipping on Lake Vättern.