Habo hembygdspark

Hembygdsgården is centrally located in Habo and there are several interesting buildings here

The rural life museum is centrally located in Habo and contains a number of interesting buildings. Here you will also find an active association presenting demonstrations, festivals, singing and music. The association also hires out the main building for celebrations and other gatherings.

The buildings: The main farm building is from Lilla Flittered farm in the parish of Gustav Adolf. From 1680 to 1890, the farm was where the Provost lived. The Provost was the local military justice and prosecutor, and the person responsible for carrying out military punishments. The jail formed part of his accommodation, and today you can see two cells with barred windows.

Härbret was given to the association by the owners of Skämningsfors. Here a number of wooden household tools are presented.

The smithy was originally located at Mölekullen farm, and you can sometimes see it in operation during summer festivals.

The Ekeredsstuga is an early 18th century house from Norra Ekered. Here you can see a typical living space, together with the built-in bread oven and a school museum. Stena Gustav's Stuga is an old crofter's cottage from around 1830 which was originally located near Fiskebäck chapel. A small bread oven is built into the walls of the building.

The Loftboden was moved here from Flatered in Habo. Here you can find a shoemaker's workshop and mangles, together with equipment for preparing linen and for weaving.

The storehouse "Pukes Lagård" comes from Nolgården in Gustav Adolf.

Munkvägen 566 Habo